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Today's Reading 07/24/2001

Life Path Spread. This is an 11 card spread, laid out like a pyramid.

Card 0: Significator Your current self as it relates to the life path
Card 1: Life Purpose or Potential
Card 2: Birth
Card 3: Early Family
Card 4: Childhood Development
Card 5: Home and Environment
Card 6: Challenges Presented
Card 7: Your Approach to Challenges
Card 8: Actions Taken Based on the Approach
Card 9: Maturity
Card 10: Completion

The top row shows you and your life purpose or the potential you can achieve in this life. The middle row shows early life and formative influences. The bottom row shows your adult life and the actions you choose to take, and how these have the potential to play out over time. My sense is that at this point in time, you are in Card 7, and therefore cards 8, 9 and 10 should be seen as a likely future, but one that can be altered by your will.

As this really is not a general lesson type reading, I geared this one for myself.

Card 0: Self. Ten of Wands - You are struggling now to shoulder your load and meet your many commitments and responsibilities. You may have taken on too many responsibilities and are carrying a heavy load. You are in the final stretch and are wondering if you have enough energy to make it past the goal line.

Despite the oppressiveness of your burden, you do have enough energy to complete the task. Your ambition to succeed and receive acclaim drives you onward. You must, however, realize that you can not do everything.

You need to develop a better appreciation of your limits. You may be swamped with work and be feeling the pressure of the load you bear. An excessive focus on career ambitions may be interfering with other aspects of your life. The world can go on turning without you. Overwork can lead to health problems, especially with your back, spine, heart and musculoskeletal system.

Card 1: Life Purpose - Queen of Pentacles, reversed. You may be overly concerned with outward appearances instead of with what is truly valuable. Your own fears and self-doubts can lead to a sense of insecurity that hinders your progress. This position shows the highest potential for you life and the Queen of Pentacles reversed represents a stage of fears, self-doubt and lack of motivation. This lifetime starts with challenges and difficulties and sometime in your adult life, there is the potential for renewal, starting with Card 8, the Horned One, reversed. The reversal of the Queen of Pentacles shows that reaching that stage will be a difficult one but, most of these challenges occurred during childhood and early adulthood. The latest obstacles may be the last you have to overcome.

Card 2: Birth. Two of Pentacles - This card shows some financial difficulties for your family at the time of your birth. It was not an unhappy time, however, though your parents may have felt spread a little thin.

Card 3: Early Family. Eight of Wands - This card indicates sudden travel, perhaps you moved around a lot as a child. The sudden moves of your childhood helped shape you into the person you are today, forcing you to adapt and become used to quick changes in your environment.

Card 4: Development. Three of Pentacles - The Three of Pentacles is a card of developments on the physical plane. You earned good grades in school and got a good start in life in that regard. This card suggests there was too little emphasis placed on emotional involvement and too much emphasis on materialism, status, social considerations and family pressures.

Card 5: Home and Environment. The Tower, reversed - This card shows a household and environment in which you, your family and friends struggled with a variety of problems. These problems likely left you feeling trapped or confined. Not being able to escape physically, you may have turned to more negative forms of self-expression for release and escape.

Card 6: Challenges. Nine of Pentacles - The challenge presented to you in this life is to overcome early difficulties and be at peace with yourself. This card represents the capacity to be alone and content with oneself, it is now your challenge is to find this potential and nurture it.

Card 7: Approach. Six of Cups - This card represents an unearthing of buried emotional treasures. It indicates an emotional renewal. The approach to your challenge may involve reviewing some aspect of your past life with a trusted advisor.

Card 8: Actions Taken. The Horned One, reversed - This is where the whole reading takes a turn for the better. The Horned One, reversed shows that the chains of your past are dropping from your neck. You are now ready to live freely and independently, no longer clinging to toxic relationships. You are no longer a prisoner of the power of negative thinking.

Card 9: Maturity. Two of Swords, reversed - This card shows you in your later years, as a result of the life changes shown in the previous card. Your life can now move forward. The tension has been broken, strong emotions have come to the surface and can now be dealt with head-on.

Card 10: Completion. The Hanged Man - This card indicates reflection, serenity and higher wisdom. You learned the greatest lesson of all in your life. To thine own self be true.
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