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Tarot Deck History

I hope no one minds me post this here, but I had asked the moderator if it was alright to and she confirmed it was.

So, without further ado...

My first deck was an Rider-Waite deck which was given to me by a friend of the family that was very spiritual person. I had received this deck back in 1986. She had bought it at a church garage sale. She told me of a story that was told to her that this particular deck that she gave to me was originally stashed in the far corner of the attic of the church that she was buying it from. Me being only 13 at the time, thought the story was intensely cool enough to love the cards from the story.

What I didn't know once I was given them, was that they were cursed.

Every time I handled the deck, something bad happened to me. Oh yes, you probably think it is pure coincidence, but why would chance always pick really bad things to happen within an hour after I would handle them, let alone do readings from them?

The last time I read from them was in 8th grade. I had taken them to school because my peers wanted readings and I figured it was a good enough place to get some training with using them, as well as them enjoying it. An hour after that, I was walking home from school. I had gotten almost to the corner just before my parent's house, when lightening struck the tree in my back yard. I saw it happen. Not only did I see it happen, I felt it. A wave of electricity flowed through me some 100 feet away. I dove to the ground without thinking of doing otherwise due to my legs collapsing underneath me. After I was able to stand again and get into my house, I found out that my mother was mere feet away from the tree that was struck. She was working on the back porch area on the second floor. The tree that was struck had died instantly, and was removed a couple of weeks/months later.

I had put that deck away, never to touch it or do any readings from it since. I still have the deck here somewhere (I believe it is buried deep within my storage boxes), and when I do find it again, it will be destroyed by me somehow.

A year following that, I was in my first year of high school. I had missed doing reads for people, as well as myself. One weekend, my parents had taken me downtown for one reason or another. They had me go into this one bookstore with them and that is when I found this deck, "The Elemental Tarot". I had seen many a decks before this for the past year since disowning my previous deck, but nothing truly appealed to me. This one, would not leave me be (so to speak). I grabbed it and proceeded to beg and plead with my parents for them to buy it for me. I gave them a reasonable debate on why it meant so much to me, and it became the deck I used since then. It was the first print, and made that exact same year I had purchased it.

It has been a part of me for the past 14 years. I have had accurate readings that have made many a person shocked, even the skeptical ones. Heck, I have surprised myself over the years do to the accuracy that has happened since having this deck. It got to a point that I put the deck away because of not wanting to do readings on myself. For a long while, literally years upon years, I would not touch the deck except to move it from place to place to get to other things that it was barricading.

A couple of months ago, I decided to throw down whatever fears I had for seeing what my readings had told through them, and I started using them once again. I have been doing readings whenever asked or felt to need to ever since.

Ms. Cleo, eat your heart out. *lol*

Yesterday, while being at the spiritual store, I came across this deck. I had originally mistaken it for an I, Ching deck, but after more investigation of what the cards had looked like, I had learned that it was the "Londa Tarot" and was a first print. At first I thought that maybe it was a flight of fancy want, so I decided not to purchase it yesterday.

Thoughts of the deck kept invading my mind throughout the rest of the night and even after I had awoken today. This is why I went back and bought it.

There is something about this deck that I still cannot explain. It is the first time in almost 14 years that a deck as "called to me" (so to speak). I do know that since purchasing it hours ago, I keep wanting to pull it out of it's box and stare at the cards one by one.

Being ever so lucky, the lady that had worked at the spiritual store showed me this deck called "The Vampire Tarot". Now as everyone already knows, I have a thing for vampire memorabilia. ;P

Again I thought this would be another flight of fancy want, but once she placed it in my hands, I had the same feelings I had gotten with the "Londa Tarot" the day before. She informed me that this deck was a first edition print, and extremely hard to come by. It tends to sell out the same day she has it in her stock, and whenever she tries to reorder from the manufacturer, even they are out of stock of them.

Something told me that if I passed this opportunity, I would miss it completely. This is why I had bought this deck as well tonight.

So there you have it. The stories of my tarot decks.
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