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Today's Lessons 7/23/2001

Focusing on the coming month. Moon phases 4 card reading.

Card 1 - The New Moon (Beginnings, new projects, emerging influences, initiative) - Five of Wands - Reversed

Card 2 - First Quarter (Analyze, evaluate, adapt and modify approach as needed) - Queen of Swords

Card 3 - Full Moon (Completion, accomplishment, fulfillment, maturity) - Two of Pentacles

Card 4 - Third Quarter (Break down, finalize, evaluate, rest, prepare for next cycle) - Ten of Cups

New Moon: Five of Wands - Reversed (July 20-July 26) This card represents unhealthy competition, petty quarrels, unfair tactics, unwelcome challenges, malicious opposition, and nasty setbacks. Usually the upright card shows healthy cometition and the reverse the opposite. The Five of Wands reversed my be advising you that the daily grind has been wearing you down and taking it's toll on your health. Have you been scattering your energies in too many directions? Now is a time to set your priorities and deal more effectively with stress in your life. Relief is in sight.

First Quarter - Queen of Swords (July 27-Aug. 3) This is a card of "going it alone". Autonomy, aloofness and independence are key themes. Now is the time to stand up for yourself and be clear about your wants and needs. You have learned to be independent through periods of loneliness. You may have dealings with a woman who has known sorrow. This card warns that your emphasis on cool, rational thought has strangled your emotional expression.

Full Moon - Two of Pentacles (Aug. 4-Aug. 11)You may have to wrok hard for little reward and may be preoccupied with money matters. You need to make a decision that will ease the tension in your life. Perhaps a change of job or environment will improve your situation. Now is a time to be adaptable and "go with the flow". Good news or a gift may be on the way.

Third Quarter - Ten of Cups (Aug. 12-Aug. 18)The Ten of Cups is an extremely positive card for matters of love, emotions, values, shared happiness, spiritual growth and harmonious relationships. It carries a promise of affection, contentment, well-being and happy family relationships. You may soon attend a happy gathering of friends or family. There may also be a pleasant opportunity for travel.
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